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Located in the heart of the European Union, Belgium is the ideal place for companies and free lancers to establish a place of business.

Data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows that Belgium has the highest income taxes in the developed world. Add to that the social security charges and Belgium doesn’t seem too appealing destination for expatriate workers.

A range of attractive tax incentives exist for companies, organisations, expatriate staff and for self-employed free-lance consultants.

BCS has obtained a specific expatriate ruling that allows us to implement a 27,5% reimbursement as a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to Belgium.

Belgian Compliant Solutions

The ruling applies to non-Belgian workers, moving to Belgium for a limited period of time while registering for local “non-resident” tax and social security. Providing an additional safety net for agencies and clients regarding non-payment tax and social security liabilities.
Kinetic Services together with Belgian Compliant Solutions is therefore ideally placed to provide your consultants with the most tax efficient solution in Belgium, while maintaining 100% compliancy with local laws.

Belgian Compliant Solutions

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