What can you expect as a Recruitment Consultancy? 

As a recruitment consultancy you want 100% assurance that the contractors you hire are compliant in the countries they work in. Kinetic manages international contractors on projects, taking into consideration their compliance with legislation within the countries they work, and the countries they’re leaving.

Achieving tax residence is synonymous with achieving non-tax residence from the country of departure.

Because we understand the needs of both international contractors and agencies alike, we can offer the best advice, local knowledge and expertise in payroll systems to ensure that we deliver on our client promises.

Solutions for Recruitment Consultancies

Kinetic can assist with improving the general service provided to your contractors as well as reducing administrative costs. By doing so, your business will develop and grow, and in-so-doing your reputation as a reliable Recruitment Consultancy will also grow.

  • Advice on international employment conditions and regulations
  • Contractor management
  • Compliance management
  • Compliance audits
  • Deemed employment protection
  • Employee payroll management
  • Tax returns
  • Workshops on key issues (e.g. EU earnings directive)

Professional Liability Insurance

As a Recruitment Consultant you need to be assured that your contractors are insured against professional errors or misconduct – Kinetic protects its contractors by providing cover at no cost to them or you.

Passionate about global mobility
It’s important to protect clients through our Professional Liability Insurance, a policy that provides coverage for damages within companies in the IT engineering industry of up to €5,000,000 and will, for example, cover the contractor for:
  • Loss of documents, data, programmes or software
  • Damages to the computer of the contractor
  • Viruses (only if security measures have been taken to try to avoid the receipt of viruses)

Compliance Management

Kinetic manages compliance issues on a number of levels:

  • Full compliance with the LIMOSA declaration in Belgium
  • Monitoring international fiscal policy
  • Permit and visa applications
  • Registration and de-registration protocols
  • Social security management
  • Tax advice, tax returns

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