What can you expect as an Independent Contractor?

Kinetic consulting, as a contract management company, will minimise your paperwork and maximise your income.

With our strategic partnerships worldwide, we are able to provide cost effective payroll solutions by easily assessing your personal circumstances and presenting you with the best solution. Whether you are moving from one domicile to another or require tax return services, through efficient planning, Kinetic will help in improving and optimising net earnings while simultaneously ensuring compliance across all areas.

Solutions for Independent Contractors

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

Included in our management fee is the required Professional Liability Insurance worth €2.000.000 that we provide to all our contractors. Covering the risk of any professional mistake or misfortune is vital to any independent contractor, recruitment agency or client. Once your contract is signed with Kinetic, we’ll be able to assist with any needs you may have during the contract term.

Net income maximisation

Through efficient planning, international contract workers can improve and increase their net earnings. By minimising paperwork and providing cost-effective payroll solutions, Kinetic can maximise your income.

Achieving tax residence is synonymous with achieving non-tax residence from the country of departure.

Kinetic wants to find the best solution for you and so ensuring local legal compliance and optimising your income is central to Kinetic’s transparency value. With our hassle-free payments solutions, we can tailor the optimum solution to suit you. We can do this in any of five ways:

Passionate about global mobility
Compliancewe register Contractors as employees in the country of work in accordance with local legislation.

Contracts – Kinetic consultants can guide you through the warren of international legislation to ensure your rights are protected and payments guaranteed and, moreover, will check if your contract corresponds to what has been negotiated with the Agency or Company.

Invoices – of course, life being as complicated as it is for International Contractors, Kinetic is happy to handle all aspects of invoicing, from timesheet accuracy and cross referencing with your contract, to ensuring that relevant agencies/clients receive these invoices within their stated ‘cut off’ period.

Payments – just as important is chasing payments worldwide on behalf of Contractors, which Kinetic, through our methodical accounting methods, is able to do quickly and painlessly.

Kinetic is committed to providing personalised service, confidentiality and promptness at all times.

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