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Kinetic, your ideal contract management partner

If your firm plans to use independent contractors for company projects, Kinetic can provide contractor, compliance and risk management services to give you peace of mind. Not only do you benefit from not having to worry about independent contractors’ tax and legislative issues, but as a contract management partner, Kinetic can take care of paying an independent worker on a project abroad, and deal with any issues relating to social security contributions, maternity/parental leave, or sick pay.

Solutions for Clients

  • Advice on international employment conditions and regulations
  • Advice on international tax planning
  • Contractor management
  • Compliance management
  • Deemed employment protection
  • International employee payroll management and administration
  • Monitoring fiscal compliance for contractors
  • Risk management

Labour leasing

By using labour leasing, you can take on staff as and when required – an advantage over fixed employment contracts. Moreover, it offers you the adaptability to cover short term, short notice or unexpected staffing needs, and in-so-doing lowers your cost risk by reducing the long term cost associated with fixed employment.

At Kinetic we ensure through labour leasing that you can gain quick and easy access on short notice to specialist skills and minimises your risk. Being adaptable and flexible to your requirements is extremely important to us.

Passionate about global mobility

Administrative Services

If you are looking to ensure contractor compliance with local fiscal, legal and registration requirements to guarantee that contractors can focus on their work instead of “red tape”, Kinetic will provide you with the right international contract management solution.
We will cut through the red tape, so you don’t have to!

International payroll services

Kinetic is pleased to offer their services as a specialised payroll company – not only will we save you time but there is also less risk for you!

As a management company we can remove the administrative burden and risk of managing payroll while ensuring self-employed individuals are fully compliant with tax and work regulations, irrespective of the country in which they are working. Further benefits of using Kinetic as a management company would also be contract and payments management as well as disguised employment protection (full risk assessment, invoice & payment management and minimises your financial exposure to deemed employment issues.

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